Sunday, February 1, 2009

Get Well Tracy

A friend of ours has been sick off and on over the last year. It all started when she went into premature labor, delivered her baby, and then lost her baby just a few short weeks after. Since then she has been diagnosed with Lupis. I guess it affects different people in different ways. We found out last week that it has affected both her lungs and her heart and will need transplants of both organs. She is still in the hospital in an induced comma, so the antibiotics can help fight the infection in her lungs. I made this little card for her the day before we found out the last diagnosis. She can not receive flowers and other than family members, no one is allowed to go visit her. PLEASE keep her in your prayers , and her husband so that they will have the strength and courage to get through this difficult time.


Susan Mac Donald said...

So thoughtful of you to post this info..How many stories have we been hearing, of folks younger, or the same age as us?? So much bad news, with the economy &, so many prayers are needed, for so many folks. Every day, say a prayer--to be directed to ALL in need of positive thoughts! The card's beautiful & it's nice to know many of us send RAK, as I know they are much appreciated (being on the receiving end, a few yr. ago)Believe in yourself, as you can make a difference, in someone's day!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much Susan for your kind comments and for the prayers!


Kristie said...

Your card is so cute and you have my prayers for your friend.