Friday, January 23, 2009

3 x 3 Note Cards for Mini Magazine Holder

OK, I know I promised these yesterday, but I really don't think that many people are checking out my blog :( How sad is that! Come on people take a gander and leave a comment so I know you are here!!! LOL
Well anyway, these 4 little 3x3 notecards fit perfectly in the little Mini Magazine Holder I posted last. I LOVE this new Raspberry Tart DSP! I is so SPRING! And boy do some of you need spring!! Even here in Pensacaola Florida it has been down in the low 20's at night! BUUURRRRRR!!!! I will be SOOOO glad for spring to come! Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment .


Susan said...

Very cute. I love the 3x3 size. Your blog is great. I know how you feel. Mine is pretty quiet, too, but in fairness, I don't get to post that often.
Keep the faith, some of us peek silently.

Jenny said...

I googled 3x3 notes and found your blog:) thanks for your hard work:) I don't get much traffic either but the few who do come by are sure sweet:)