Monday, July 20, 2009

Last of Sequoia

These 2 pages are the last two for Sequoia National Park. The first page was set on Apricot Appeal Cardstock, with Glorious Green punchouts using my circle scallop punch. These photos are of the General Grant tree and a couple others that were near. The General Grant tree is the 3rd largest in the world by volume. Makes me feel like just a little speck in this world.
The second page is set on Glorious Green Cardstock. The coyote at the top is set against an Apricot Appeal matting. It just really brings out the gold in his coat. This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. I have it blown up into an 18" x 24" in my house. The photo on the bottom right side is where I was setting when I took the coyote picture. He had come down the road towards us and had stopped on the snow bank not 6 feet from my car. I rolled my window down and took the photo. I had my dog in the back of my car and she just sat there looking at him too. What a beautiful animal. He was hungary and I'm sure looking for food.
My next set of NP photos will take us into stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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