Sunday, July 27, 2008

I will be heading off to Convention!!!

I am just so darned excited! I am headed off to Convention in Salt Lake City on Tuesday!! This will be my third one. I have gone each year since coming back from Okinawa. I had signed up as a demo while my husband was stationed at Kadena Air Base Okinawa. He was Navy though not Air Force. We came back in late June 2006 after he retired. I had told him earlier in the year I wanted to go to Convention. He went with the first year, not as a supporting demo, but he went sightseeing while I was at convention. Last year convention was in Denver! I stayed with some great friends that live in Littleton CO right by the metro train. I hadn't been able to spend time with them in a very long time so not only did I get convention but I got great time with old friends! This year Convention is back in SLC. I will be going solo this time but have a roommate lined up so it should be lots of fun. I will hopefully be able to keep you informed on whats happening while I'm there. Although I can't spill ALL the beans now can I???? Keep your eyes peeled though!!!! Chat in a few days!!!

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